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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hey guys! My birthday is in a few weeks, so I’m trying to earn a little money to spend on a little something for myself! 

For that, I’m opening these small sketchy commissions!

Price: 10 Euro Sketch | 15 Euro Colored

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you’re interested, please send me a note, OR an email to kairih.commissions @ gmail . com, with the following:

  • Stating if it’s Lineart or Colored commission
  • Character References
  • A bit on their personality and/or an expression
  • Your paypal address

I will draw original characters, fanart, animal features (like horns/ears, but nothing overly complicated), as well as irl people in my style. 
My other commissions below are still open, however, I won't be starting on those until December

- - - - - -Original Commissions post below - - - - -

Commissions are currently: OPEN

» Slots will be filled in according to which person I come to an agreement with first.
» Note that all prices are aimed at redesigned outfits with details; for your characters default outfits/simple please state so, also price is different C:


Chibi Alicia by Kairi-H
Price: 15 Euro | Extra Character + 8 Euro

.Unloved Jewel. by Kairi-H [C] Haizea by Kairi-H
☆Detailed Bust
Price: 40 Euro 
Extra Character: +20 Euro

[C] Utena. by Kairi-H[C].Eiden. by Kairi-H
☆Detailed Halfbody
Price: 65 Euro |
Extra Character: +30 Euro

[C] Aria by Kairi-H [C] Duke by Kairi-H[C] Lucifer by Kairi-H
☆ Full body re/design
Price: starting at 75 Euro (if redesign); starting at 82 Euro (if completely original/from scratch design);



» Send me a note with the title "Commission" and include the following:
(or if you don't have dA account, an email to
» Character Info: A few words about their personality, their name, ... (I will do OC and Fanart; Humans only, so no furries/mecha)
» Visual reference: Any references you have! The more the better, so I can get their details right!
» Any additional info you find relevant: an expression; a specific pose; theme; etc...
» Your Paypal address so I can send the invoice once we settle in details

»  Please state whether the commission is for your character’s default outfit or if you’d like a new outfit (re)design so prices can be adjusted and there are no mistakes later when the artwork is finished! m(_ _)m
No mention on this and I will assume it is a new outfit design as stated early in this document.

» I will start drawing only after I've received the payment (or half of it).
» For Full Body commissions, I will send a sketch first. You may ask me to change things two times only so everything's to your liking.


» I accept PayPal only.
» Payment must be in Euro.
» I will not start working until the payment is received
» If I cannot draw your commission for some reason, I will refund;


» Full resolution, 300dpi of your commission
» I will only post in online if you give me permission to. Private commission is fine!


» My studies and personal life might get in the way and thus I might take more time than originally planned. I ask you be patience.
» If you need the commission by a certain date, we can discuss it no problem! Keep in mind, though, that if it's a tight deadline, I might charge an extra bit.

» Commercial usage of the commissioned piece is strictly forbidden; personal usage is fine as long as CREDIT is given.
» You may NOT remove my signature from it.
» I am free to reuse any scrapped drafts/unused sketches
» I maintain the copyright for all my artwork and can use it on portfolios/projects displaying my work.



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your art is so good? omg?? I might cry over it or worship it ahhh;;
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Happy birthday! :cake:
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Hi, Happy Birthday and Hope you have a nice day as well :hug:
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday to you, Kairi!
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